First session back after lockdown!

Two very long months since my last session- I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little (maybe more than a little) nervous behind the excitement of getting "back into it" it was lovely to have Sacha and her beautiful family hang out with me at the Tree Trust here in Rotorua. Sacha won a session over lockdown for supporting my business through engaging with my social media when I couldn't get out and shoot!

Mum holding kids hands walking
toddler looking at the camera while walking
holding mums hand

I am so in love with these outfits! The neutral colours fit so beautifully with autumn while being layered up nicely underneath- comfort is key! Long flowy dresses are awesome for adding an element of movement in your pictures while being comfortable and practable.

Family of four at rotorua tree trust looking at the camera
Mum and daughter

I love the in between frames....always keep the camera rolling- especially with the little ones to capture their natural expressions and soft moments in between those big energy bursts.

portrait of a toddler holding a leaf
kisses for daddy

Grabbing his face with both hands and planting the biggest kisses on Daddy- tooooooo cute, alright!

cuddles for daddy
holding onto dads leg
mum and dad

Thank you so much Eddie and Sacha for having me and a special thank you to your lovely girls who were incredibly kind with their gifts of leaves throughout the session! I look forward to sharing the rest with you very soon :)

toddler holding an autumn leaf