Its been a bumper ride for many of our wedding couples this season, red light, green light, close contacts, isolation, positives and negatives....weehooo. The amount of stationary and tid bits with original dates that have passed by that I have photographed have been a plenty!

These two were no exception and I loved how they rolled and I loved a peice of signage that counted how many days they had waited to marry....which was crossed out with a new tally- that's my kind of humour!

Shinara and Harison contacted me quite a while back organising their wedding photography. I was SO stoked. I've known Shinara for many years as she was friends with my younger sister in Highschool.

A few years ago, I did a mothers day mini promo shoot with Shinara and her little dude....then we did some family photos (You can see one on the frame in the background of her ready to go get married!) and then, alas...a wedding!

It was an interesting start to the day, I turned up....hmmmm...there's no groom! What's a wedding without a little chaos? Matchmaker Nick got Harrison on the phone and ecplained that there was a schedule Harison had not yet seen and like absolute magic both Nick and his amazing wife had their home go from family home during school holidays to looking like an air BNB in the very short time it took Harrison to arrive...I must say, I was heavily impressed as my house was also looking just the same but that speed...not something I think me and my hubby to be could compete with!

There was no stress however, after you've worked quite a few weddings- you learn to adapt and move with the day and these guys were just great- I was able to get everything I needed and arrive to the ladies on time. Everything was pretty organised and I made a cute wee friend who tried to get into each and every picture...such a snuggly wee thing!

It was a joy to spend some time capturing Harrison getting suited up because having known Harrison for a little while and like most people, I have a huge amount of respect for him as a person. You can tell a lot about a man who takes pride in having responsibility when they take on having a fatherly role in a young man's life <3

Usually it can be rather chaotic during bridal preparation's.

But Shinara and her bride tribe were chiiiiillllll as...gosh. So lucky I am!

I thought it was just so awesome that Shinara was getting ready in her first home that she and Harrison bought together. I'm rather sentimental about these things so I loved incorporating her home environment into her pictures.

Shinara had shown me samples of the colours that her bridesmaids were wearing and oooohhhh they looked so good together. Was was equally cool, was that the menu stationary matched the variety of blues Shinara had her bridesmaids in....it's the little things!

Speaking of blue....gosh I loved Shinara's blue shoes...and her dress which fitted her amazingly and had that lovely sparkly tulle I love so much! And the veil...I could go on and on....

Also...Paulina's Studio...what a great feat she did being part of the bridal party but doing ALLLLL of the stationary and signage...highly recommend!

What a lovely unique Ceremony Venue in Rotorua!

An unnoticed gem I think! This lovely glasshouse separate to the Café was nice and intimate for these two. Jackie Brown put on a lovely service with many added personal touches. Many laughs and lots of love with our heavenly Mum included. They were covered rain, hail or shine and luckily so...it had to of been the hottest, brightest day April could offer!

Harrison gave a beautiful, well spoken vow to Lincoln and Shinara's vows were warm and personal...a lovely ceremony enjoyed by all present physically and spiritually

Blowing kisses..

We departed for some bridals on location and Linky blew kisses from the playground as we set off (such a good venue with kids present- I mean...what more could you need other than a playground....and some mr whippy- more about that later)

Loved this bridal party, such a great team of different personalities...everyone needs a bridesmaid who will run out to the carpark with your veil and the venue were so awesome in setting the couple off with a basket of goodies! We had a blast before whipping up to the centennial gardens where Shinara and Harrison had their family photos taken...it was a bit of a race against the sun but we made it and...well...the pictures speak for themselves. If only I could have perfect sunsets every wedding like this!


I loved the first dance that was set to a slideshow Shinara had made for Harrison and Lincoln. lots of personal touches through the reception and lots of great work by Paulina's Studio.... but mostly...just really relaxed vibes! There was no real set agenda and the food was so amazing...I actually couldn't finish my burger- it was so delicious that I almost put myself into a food coma trying to finish it with several other guests...and much to everyone's delight there was MR. Whippy!! Good food, good drinks and good vibes...what a great way to finish the day off!

Thank you

Thank you so much for having me you two! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak and I am so happy to see you complete your wedding day mission amongst some of the craziest times we've had! Thank you for feeding me, thank you for the drinks and laughter...such a magic day and everyone was nothing short of awesome!


Dress: Dylin's Bridal (can I buy this off you? haha I loved it so much!)

Shoes: sparkly blue - jjhouse

Veil:  jjhouse

Hair:Leah - Vivo hair & beauty 

Make up: Laura Jane Studio

Bridesmaids Dresses:  jjhouse

Flowers: van weerd creations

Venue: Cafe 171

Stationary: Paulina's Studio

Signage: Paulina's Studio

Food: Tag Burger and Mr. Whippy