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Covid-19 Level 2 Health & SAFETY plan

keeping clients safe

Photographing at level 2:

How will you manage the risks of restarting part or all of your operations at Alert Level 2?

A.Sterilising: All surfaces will require sterilization.
Contact Tracing: All clients currently provide the necessary contact details which will continue for the use of contact tracing. This information is strictly confidential and would only be provided to MInistry of Health Officials if requested.

How will you ensure all workers are able to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?

Lightbook Photo has one sole photographer and the use of a second photographer will not be required under Level 2. If, for some reason there is a need for a second photographer- this photographer would be contracted with their own health and safety policy which Lightbook Photo would ensure is best practice.

How will you gather information on your clients wellness to ensure they are safe and well to attend a session?

A.Clients will be required to inform the photographer of any illness. Failure to do so will result in your session being cancelled without a refund. Sniffles, coughs, sore throats and itchy eyes will need to be postponed for 14 days unless a medical clearance is provided by a GP. If accessible, clients will be encouraged to seek testing.

How will you operate your business in a way that keeps workers and other people safe from exposure to COVID-19?

A.Under new recommendations,
Sessions should be for no more than 10 people for no more than 2 hours until further notice.
Contact must be minimised to the extent possible.
High hygiene standards must be maintained with handwashing facilities available, or hand sanitiser.
Physical distancing must be maintained. If you can maintain contact tracing records, your environment is considered to be controlled, and the 1 metre separation distance applies. If you cannot maintain contact tracing records, then your environment is considered to be uncontrolled, and the 2 metre separation distance applies. All businesses should maintain contact tracing records if they can, particularly if you have a close proximity working environment This means keeping a register of:
all people, both workers, visitors, entering or leaving the workplace
all people that workers have contact with while conducting their work, including customers where this is practicable

How will you manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19?

A.Lightbook Photo will temporary close operations until medical clearance is given that ensures Lightbook Photo can safely resume work with clients.

How will you check to see if your work processes and risk controls are effective?

A.Revising these procedures on a weekly basis and incorporating any feedback from clients.

How do any changes impact on the risks of the work you do?

A.Changes might include an increase of bookings, wherever possible Lightbook Photo will not be scheduling any back to back sessions until further notice.