"Every white hair is one day of experience in being your very best friend"

—Jaymi Heimbuch

Pet Photography

You are here because, well- you get it... dogs really are mans best friend. You appreciate the companionship and loyalty your dog compliments your life with.

Whether this is your soul dog, your family pet or running buddy- these companions stick with us long after they leave.

The way their ears stand, the way their heads tilt, the goofy tongue on a good run, the way the look at you.... which is why it is so important to cherish these days with professional portraits that illustrate their character and the bond you share for years to come.

Photographing dogs became a passion of mine in 2021, after loosing my beloved companion of ten years. I began encouraging people to get their dog photographed and delighted in every session where these companions took a moment for the spotlight. From couples on the beach, families is the gardens or a pooch gate crashing a wedding party- I found my purest form of joy, photographing dogs.

I look forward to meeting yours!

Pricing Options

Companion Session

A 45 Minute Outdoor Session

20 Edited Images

Up to two adults

*Additional session members purchased separately

Online Gallery - Free Downloads!

Online Print Store (Optional)

ONLY $249

In Home Studio

A studio set up in your own home!

A 30 minute session

15 Edited Images

Companion Only

Online Gallery - Free Downloads!

Online Print Store (Optional)

ONLY $249

Mini Session Event Coming soon

First Event Est Spring

10 Minute rapid fire sessions

3 edited Images

Online Gallery- Free Downloads!

Online Print Store (optional)


Let's get you booked in!

First, there's a few more things I need to know before I begin our planning.

These questions will help me know what booking type will fit you best, while also making sure I am available for wherever you want me to go!

It may take a few days before you hear from me as I am often in and out of the office- but I always reply.

If for some reason you think your inquiry may have slipped passed my inbox, don't hesitate to contact me directly hello@lightbookphoto.com

Rotorua Photographer Portrait

Hayley-Lightbook Photo


You will revieve a text message only to conifrm I have recieved your inquiry and have sent you a response. This can take up to a few days. Please note you will not revieve a phone call.

Subject to availability

Travel fees may apply

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